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Dr. Catrise Austin Celebrity Dentist

"Neo Positivity is inspiring beyond belief! After hearing him speak at The Dental Festival, he has totally shifted my mindset and I’m motivated to fly even higher. "

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Elijah Desmond CEO The Dental Festival & Smiles at Sea

"Neo Positivity brought down the house in Dentistry’s Got Talent as a finalist! He dropped the mic so hard the stage shook. I predict he will be keynoting many stages across dentistry."

Jeff Buske DDS Speaker, Coach, Trainer. Creator & Co-Founder of Dental Syndicate.

"I have gotten to know Neo over the course of this last year and he is right on the money with his mindset and Thoughts Become Things. Neo is authentic in his approach to the law of attraction and he has helped me gain a deeper understanding of visualizing what I want and "energy flows where my focus goes". Thank you, Neo."

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Shawn Peers Award-winning speaker, author, coach, and business owner

One of my favorite speakers is Neo Positivity. He has such a powerful message, and he's a wonderful heartwarming guy. You should see him deliver what is like a 1-man play. I was practically in tears watching him. He is phenomenal! You want him to speak at your events.

Dr. Alan Stern Author of Enjoy the Ride

"My God, this guy is the real deal. I am so proud to know him. Neo helps you become what and who you've always wanted. And he inspires people everywhere he goes raising awareness of the Law of Attraction and mindset shifting. He will guide you through it!

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