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Neo Positivity

I was born Neomaya De’Jesus Davila in Camden, New Jersey on March 9, 1981. My sister and I were raised by our father, A Camden City Police Sergeant, who fought rigorously to get us out of the hood. But in those days, moving out of the hood meant moving into a racist town. But it was the lesser of 2 evils. My mother was absent from my life until the day of my high school graduation.


Football and karate are what I was known for the most but my true passion has always been the human brain. I remember thinking that science was my favorite subject because one day they would teach us more about it. Much to my disappointment they barely scratched the surface of the subject in all my years in school.


On my 1st day at my 1st job at McDonalds, I knew working 40 hours a week wasn’t for me. So I leaned on football as my way out of the 9-5 “rat race”. Having my daughter right out of high school put that plan on hold, as my father convinced me to take the police test for health insurance. Being a police officer was great because I got to help people daily. Plus it involved the athletics of football and karate, but something wasn’t right.


The Agreement:

One day at work I asked God to let me sit at home and study the brain without the worry of bills, work hours, etc. And like the intuitive voice that might whisper in the back of your mind “turn left”, or “Duck” I heard the words “Ok, but whatever information I give you, you have to share it. No matter how silly it may sound or make you feel, you have to share it with the world”. Like anyone with great advice or good news, I would want to scream it from the mountaintops anyway so this was a win-win for me.


Soon after, one of my friends introduced me to the movie “The Secret” and my life was changed forever. I used “Thoughts become things” to get everything I wanted, some things for free. And if it worked for all those “toys” it can work for bigger things in life like retirement. Soon after I was retired at the age of 28, free from bills and schedules to study the brain just as I asked. I obsessively studied this skill and still do today. Gaining custody of my children, getting a new house, and a new car was next on my hit list and since learning “Thoughts become things” I've always hit my mark.


Holding up on my end of the bargain, I shared. “The Secret” was a good source of information, but it was just the cherry on top of a multilayered cake. After 8 years of research and development, was created as a free source of information for everyone to gain the knowledge they needed to get anything they want out of life. “The ability to create your future” is how I market my product because that’s literally what this is.


I aim to be the voice and face of the "Thoughts become things" epidemic soon to come. And as I said, I always hit my mark. God is great.

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