"Thoughts Become Things"

Most people disregard that phrase. The rich and famous live by it.

I study this "Art" and yes, it works! My life is my resume.

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The voice of the "Thoughts become things" epidemic

Creator of Neo Positivity

Neo Positivity is so much more than just being positive. Everyone knows that you should be positive but not everyone knows why. 

This is the art of changing your mindset permanently, and using the phrase "Thoughts become things" to get what you want out of life. 

That involves so much more than just "Positivity". Setting alerts, mental exercises, and Accountability for what seeds you water all day everyday GOOD and BAD. 

*Accountability for the things you attract into your life, leads to you proactively making things better every day. 

Talk Show Host

I'm the host of RVN TV's Talk Show "Off the Bench" where I interview professional coaches in life and business. The advice and tips that they normally charge clients for, we get out of them for free. And I'll make sure that I get the best that they have to offer so we can have a leg up in any competition.  

Remember, most of our competitions are with ourselves in our minds.  

Defeat doubt!  

My show airs on Wednesdays at 11:00 AM on Radio Vision Network TV

Radio Personality

The world isn't doing so good. We're killing ourselves, we're killing each other, and we're killing the planet. This planet has been around for billions of years before mankind and will be here billions of years after us. It'll evict us before it lets us destroy it. Things must change. And the only change from the negativity is positivity. And "Thoughts become things" is positivity's best asset. We can't expect everyone to just be positive, but laser focusing on something until it's sitting in your lap is literally creating your future. And it works for any situation. There's not a single soul on the planet who doesn't want "the ability to create their future". 

So I'm taking my show on the road to any and every radio station and listener that I can. Starting with Rowan University's Radio station WGLS 89.7

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Here is my "Thoughts become things" speech that I usually give to adults. 

Here is my "Thoughts become things" speech that I usually give to children. 

Have you ever heard the phrase "Thoughts become things"?

Well if you haven't your life is about to change. I show people how to create their futures.  A reusable formula so to speak. Something you can pass along to your loved ones, and it has a 100% success ratio.  

You know how every now and then you catch yourself running random scenarios, like during a boring commercial or something like that. 

Well as humans we worry. Especially if you have kids. You worry about their futures, you worry about your future. 60,000 thoughts on average per day per person and most of them are just running in the background without us even realizing it. That's 200 thoughts for every 5 minutes that pass. How many times do you smile every 5 minutes smh?  

Most are problem solving scenarios based on the negativity we see around us (news, internet, etc.). "What would I do if this happened to me" type scenarios. 

In addition to creating your future we'll  change your daily negative thoughts to positive. All of those "in between" thoughts, those "seemingly random" worry scenarios you run all day... Gone! So instead of worrying about your son or daughter, or your future, you're running positive scenarios, stressing less, and smiling more throughout the day.  

Let's face it... We have absolutely no control over our futures. Any one of us could drop dead at any moment. And we have no control over what's happening to us right now or their would be no accidents, crimes, or terrorist attacks.  

The only thing you have control over is your thoughts. And I know you'd rather spend your time running positive scenarios then you would running negative scenarios. After all, Thoughts become things.     

* The "Ability to create you future" is the most marketable product on the planet, yet there's nowhere on my website to even enter your credit card info. Who would charge for this type of life changing world saving information? SMH 

I want this world to be a better place for my kids. How can I hold back this information until someone pays me. SMH 

Positivity explained in a way that you can't help but nod your head and agree, and want to know more. 

For the first time ever, Science and religion has been successfully combined into one solid, unquestionable, and undebatable system. And for the first time in the history of mankind the possibility of world peace exist. Enjoy!

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